PC Driving Simulator
Best driver's enjoyment.

Driving SimulatorPC as a video game platform has been the founding home for many of todays most famous video game racers. Driving games were played 25 years ago on a PC. Well, there was a great dose of imagination used in order to make a simulation, but it didn't stop anyone from playing, imagining and dreaming about the future. The future of video game racing realism.

Today things are different. PC is a very powerful, multitasking operation system. Part of every body's life and routine. And with great competition from the console side of the force, PC is still one of the most popular platform for experiencing video game racing. And as opposed to consoles, PC versions actually allow more than just following the script. Users can modify their own levels, game mods, even cheat codes are possible. Not in every game, but things get redeveloped all the time.

PC will probably never going to get a GranTurismo version, but it will always have everything else possible. Like Grand Prix 4 for instance. The most realistic Formula One game engine ever created. And the Test Drive series, the most exotic and picturesque video racer at all times.

PC Driving Simulator

And with Logitech providing a full PC support for most of their steering wheels, getting the ultimate PC driving simulation is ever easier. All that is left is finding a home for the best wheel models. A home like the OpenWheeler driving simulator. With the right PC configuration, this will transform any driving game and living room into a race track in minutes.

Each single banknote invested for a game racing cockpit is worth. The racing car game admirer’s pleasure in reciprocation is ten times bigger. Minimum. OpenWheeler's bending back and rail gliding seat appliance are default features - not available with the remaining racing cockpits. Get the most out of your car driving simulation video games with the OpenWheeler video game simulator cockpit.